Uludağ Ski Center is one of the most beautiful winter tourism destinations where you can ski with your children as you wish and has many tracks that host many snow sports.

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BY Bof Hotel 3 OCTOBER 2020 , ,

Thousands of foreign and Turkish holiday lovers flock to this mountain, whose geographical location is very convenient for skiing and snow sports. Known as the most popular center of winter tourism in Turkey, Uludağ is equipped with more advanced technological equipment every year and it becomes a place that almost everyone wants to visit.

While the view of the snow is enough to fascinate people, the pleasure of playing snowballs, rolling in the snow, skiing with your children is unmatched. It is a great luck for all of us to have the world-class Uludağ Ski Center in our country, which is the first thing that comes to mind when winter tourism is mentioned.

"Feel yourself special with various services at Bof Hotel Uludağ, the indispensable address of ski lovers."

In Uludağ, which has easy, medium and difficult tracks suitable for all ages, there are all opportunities to have fun with your children.

What you can do in Uludağ is not only skiing, but also ski motor safari, snowboarding, mountain climbing in Uludağ. You can also take ski and snowboard lessons from teachers for your children and yourself.

Uludağ hotels in two areas of Uludağ divided as 1st Region and 2nd Region; Distance to the pistes, full/half board options, alcoholic/non-alcoholic options and views.

If you want to have an unforgettable holiday with your children this winter with the experience of Bof Hotels Uludağ group, you can contact us at +90 224 800 00 00 and at info.uludag@bofhotels.com, ask your questions and make a reservation.